About Sudaraka Wijesinghe (සුදාරක විජේසිංහ) (a.k.a Suda)

By profession I'm a "Freelance Web Application Programmer". I started my career back in 2000 became a full-time freelancer in 2007. During this period I have worked for several Sri Lankan software development companies, and also ran my own company for couple of years. (For more details please read the Experience section on my Résumé.)

From the first day I used a computer back in 1994, I have been interesting in computer programming, specially using low-level programming languages that allow me to work closely with hardware.

Computer programming for me is a hobby, a passions and also what put food on my plate. Therefor I enjoy my work as it both entertain and pays me at the same time. In rare occasions I get free time to brush up on other areas that I'm interested in, such as Electronics, Astronomy and reading about advancements in biology and technology fields.

I'm a user of Free/Libre Software and enthusiast of the Free Culture, yet I don't follow anything in faith or have strong (or any) political opinion on them. I value logic and reason over faith. One of my current goals is to get into open-source programming and contribute to open-source projects. And as the time permits I like to help other by sharing my knowledge in the areas I'm fluent in.

Other than with people in my immediate family, I most of the time interact with society via electronic media. I rarely step out of my home, and live a life most people would describe as pathetic. I choose to describe myself as a "Hermit". Being a "Hermit" goes well with my career where I work mostly by my self. And as most of the time I work with and for people on other side of the planet and even more I like the calmness and freedom that the Night brings, I have trained myself to work during the night and seep during the day, Which is my characteristic that I would like to describe as "Nocturnality". Hence the slogan of my web site "Chronicles of a Nocturnal Hermit".

And finally, I'm from Sri Lanka living in a town called Pannipitiya about 20km away from the capital city Colombo.