First Web Application - Bulletin Board Service

Few months ago while clearing out some of my old stuff, I came across some thing interesting. A 3.5" diskette set labelled "Backup". On them there was archives back from 1998, many of the experimental code I have written back when I first go into computer programming. In there was the very first web application I wrote back in 2000, The "Bulletin Board Service" (BBS).

It was pretty interesting to look at the 12 year old code which was written in classic ASP with a Access (97 I believe) database.

As the name suggest, it was sort of a message board which users can register and post public messages (I think it has sort of a PM too). At the time as I remember, I hosted this application on a free web space provider called XOOM. Couple of my friends checked it out and though it was boring :)

I have put up the code in Gitorious just for sharing it with the word.

GIT Repository - Bulletin Board Service