Launched my personal web site, Finally!

So I have finally done it! Launched my personal web site last night, everything went smoothly.

By today's standards launching a new web site, specially using a great CMS like Wordpress is not such a big deal. But for me this marks an end of a project I started way back in 1998.

Yes, so it took me 14 years to launch my own web site. I guess that doesn't help much to up bring my portfolio as a web programmer, which was the main goal (by today). But I have other badges to flash (Portfolio) ;)

Like every thing I do, I started to build by own web site back in the days for the purpose of learning about how to do it. There are several different versions of my site I have done in the past that are more or less related to each other. With this one also I came so close to throw away, because I wanted to use a Wiki based modal instead of a Blog based model.

But instead of just spending another decade planing, experimenting and perfecting it, I just went a head and launched it.

So, Here we are!