E-Networks CRM

Development Releases 2006, 2010
Status Off-line
Technologies FPDF, JavaScript, LAMP
Role of Sudaraka
Database Designer
System Designer

E-Network Customer Relations Management System is a web based service to maintain customer, reseller agent services and product transaction and also to keep records of  day-to-day transaction and provisioning.

First Phase - 2006

Originally designed to be a simple consumer web site for the GlobalNet VoIP Billing Platform, and eventually developed in to a CRM. Due to some unfortunate natural disaster faced by the company, the project was postponed.

Second Phase - 2010

Project was revived and re-coded using the Sudaraka's experimental web framework, and since GlobalNet work services were not available at the time plan was to use another RADIUS service for the telecommunication module.

Eventually the company lost interest in the project and it remains dormant.