Website Overhaul

Demonstrating yet another wiredness of my self, I have completely overhauled my web site just within a month of the initial launch.

First version was done using Wordpress and I felt it was over kill and boring for a person such as my self. So I decided to KISS it. I must mention that I have nothing against Wordpress, it plays a main part in putting food on my plate, but for this job it was not the right tool.

Main concern was because I use this web site as a place to keep my personal notes and references, I frequently need to access it event when I'm offline or on the road (yah, ok so I'm almost never on the road). Another reason that Wordpress didn't work for me is because I'm not a "blogger", I don't want the content of my web site to get lost over time, therefor I decided the correct solution for me was a Wiki. DokuWiki to be exact.

DokuWiki is a Wiki engine that keeps it's content in plain text files, and allows us to edit them from out side of it self. Coding of the DokuWiki was pretty simple to understand and do the modifications, and has fairly nice documentation.

So, I took DokuWiki and striped it down removing parts I don't want to use, and here we are!.

I have explained the details of how my web site work in the article How Sudaraka.Org Works